Intent-Based Protocol and Agentic Markets

Research and Development of Products for
Toxic-MEV Minimization at the Application Layer

We are gamifying decentralized finance so...

You can become multidimensional like the cool kids.

You can show your skills in a PvP arena.

You can protect the future of finance.

You can brag that you are a real quant.

You can enjoy "reality" a little more.

You can make a bag while playin'.

You can bond with new friends over Salmonella.

You can chill with under-top-underdogs.

You can have In-N-Out instead of Subway for a change.

You can become your own boss.

You can call yourself a neo-cypherpunk.

What are we building?

  • Urani Protocol

    On-chains agnostic orderbook conducting batch competitions among agents for the largest surplus, efficiency, and ingenuity. The protocol provides various strategies to ensure users benefit from MEV protection and operators from all backgrounds have opportunities to succeed - promoting fairness, accessibility, and meritocracy.

  • MEV Agents

    MEV Agents are open-source algorithms (bots) for the Urani Protocol, allowing operators to integrate their preferred private strategies and start playing MEV e-games right away. Advanced strategies and AI-centric agents are the focus of research and development in our labs. Additionally, we have in-house agents running for gauging and fallback mechanisms.

  • Urani Swap

    The front interface and SDK facilitating the submission of order intents for consumption by the Urani Protocol, supporting usage by both retail users and other protocols.

  • Urani Arena

    Real-time visual infrastructure for orderflow auction competition and peer-to-peer order matches, designed to commoditize MEV agents and engage their fans.